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Quailty Policy

Quality Environmental Policy

Regarding to the quality environmental policy of our company, will be carried with responsible attitude in dealing with our environment, we obey the quality policy of "customer satisfaction, quality first, service-oriented, technology leadership," environmental policy "to comply with government’s regulations, prevent pollution, continuous improvement " as the business philosophy, continuing the staff’s education through a full training courses and effective at iorganizational activities, production, sales and service process..etc, further to the environment pollution prevention, the reduction of environmental impact and to fully carry out energy-saving waste reduction operations.

We are committed to pollution prevention and continual improvement into the policy, in the future guidence fo our staff is :
1. Comply with government environmental regulations and other requirements.
2. Adoption of appropriate production and pollution prevention technology, equipment, committed to promoting energy conservation, industrial waste reduction, recycling and resource classification and pollution prevention programs to improve environmental performance.
3. Through the full training course of our staff to enhance the environmental protection, employee’s accident prevention, responsbility.
4. Reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness.
5. Actively participate in social environmental protection activities, fulfill environmental responsibilities, enhance enterprise's image.

Based on maintaining the natural, customers, employees and area residents healthy and comfortable living environment, the point of "the pursuit of clean, new environment to ensure safety and health," the purpose of our commitment to sustainable development and improvement, and strive to respect the natural environment.

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CHMER is dedicated to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide EDM market.

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