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Press Releases

To our customers affected by the floods

We are deeply concerned about the recent floods and their considerable impact on Thai people and business. If your plant has flooded, please inform CHMER’s agent in Thailand, DKSH Technology, or our headquarters in Taiwan. We will visit you to confirm the damage as soon as possible. Until then, please use the following guidelines as a short term measure.

1. Please be sure that the electricity has been completely detached; do not supply any electricity until confirmation visit by professionally trained CHMER staff.
2. Open power cabinet, then wash thoroughly with clean water and let it dry.
3. Also, open machine cabinet, then wash submerged parts in it with clean water and let them dry.
4. Please disassemble machine sheet metal, then wash submerged mechanical unit ( linear guide, ball screw, etc. ) with clean water. Dry them and apply grease to mechanical unit.
5. If air conditioner can operate, please operate it to dry the machine.

If you have any questions, please contact our Service Center, in Thailand or Taiwan.

K. Miga Wang
Business & Trading Department

K. Sofie Cammers
Machine Tools
DKSH Technology


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