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MA Magazine-CHMER Mechanical and Electrical supports medical staff and helps school children to fight for the future together



As a member of the national mask team, CHMER Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CHMER Electromechanical) is a professional mold and parts processing equipment manufacturer that adheres to continuous innovation and research and development to become the best operating partner for customers. In addition to striving for economic growth, CHMER Electrical and Mechanical also continues to invest in epidemic prevention and enthusiastically protect Taiwan. Recently, we have not only donated anti-epidemic tools to protect the health of medical staff, but also provided anti-epidemic materials and learning equipment to help students continue to learn; we hope to support each other, help each other, and become each other's cheerleading team. We hope that we can get through the dark period of the epidemic as soon as possible and face the epidemic together. bright.

The epidemic has impacted the global economy, affecting the operations of all walks of life. It has also put pressure on front-line medical staff in daily life, and also made students face changing learning tests. Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER Mechanical and Electrical, said that the epidemic not only tests enterprises, but also brings many changes and pressures in life. In times of crisis, how to stabilize enterprises and support each other is an even more important issue; although the global epidemic has not stopped, it has also inspired There must be many circles of kindness in society. There must be a place where we can contribute our own efforts. We should not hesitate to do something because our strength is small, but work together to "radiate the light of our hearts, shine each other, and get through the dark period of the epidemic."

General Manager Wang Chenhong pointed out: During the epidemic, in addition to strengthening the internal physique and practicing kung fu, Qinghong Electromechanical also continued to invest in industry-university cooperation, allowing college students to have the opportunity to connect with industry practices and enrich their learning, and through Qinghongshou The Yi Education Foundation donated anti-epidemic materials and tablets to disadvantaged elementary school children to assist with online learning; recently, it and Shunpeng Technology, a subsidiary of the group, donated high-end medical equipment to Taichung Yongzhong, working together to protect the health of medical personnel and the general public.

Wang Chenpeng, vice president of CHMER Electrical and Mechanical and also the CEO of CHMER Shouyi Education Foundation, said that when the world is under the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to the lives of ordinary people being affected, the learning of disadvantaged students is also affected. Being impacted. Under the epidemic warning, how to suspend classes without suspending learning, so that students do not have to interrupt their learning due to insufficient equipment or special family reasons, is an issue worthy of attention and consideration.