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PMC Technical Bulletin Issue 284-Industrial Story-CHMER Electromechanical



CHMER Electromechanical

Taiwan Electric Discharge Machining Machine No.1

If we say that the reason for the success of entrepreneurs is nothing more than the trend of the times or strong support, the entrepreneurial history of CHMER Electromechanical is the result of Wang Wuu-Shyong's hard work and steady development to this day. From the development of the country's first all-electric crystal electric discharge machining machine to the present, it has been in business for decades. It has brought out many disciples in this field and created a prosperous scene for Taiwan's machine tool and component industries.

CHMER Electromechanical Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest electrical discharge machining machine manufacturer in Taiwan and the fifth largest in the world. When interviewed, Chairman Wang Wuu-Shyong was modest about his introversion and poor rhetoric, which was a personality that he could not break through since he was a child. However, when talking about the past history, he talked about the hardships and challenges since starting a business, and how to survive in the "Golden Rift Valley". "Write a page of history.

Magic Cube launches first wave of prosperity

Wang Wuu-Shyong has been very talented in electrical and mechanical products since he was a child. During primary and secondary school, he disassembled unnecessary electrical products at home in his spare time and relied on books to learn on his own, thus accumulating good skills. He graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Taichung High School of Engineering and served in the Japanese company Panasonic for 10 years after being discharged from the army. During a vacation, I visited a friend and helped repair a Japanese electric discharge machine that had been malfunctioning for a long time in the factory next door. I was inspired by the factory owner and friends, so I came up with the idea of ​​designing and making my own electric discharge machine. He devoted himself to research in his spare time, and based on his past knowledge of color TV control circuits and the technical application of transistors, he finally successfully developed the first low-consumption advanced electrical discharge processing machine in China that adopts transistor design.

In 1975, Wang Wuu-Shyong founded CHMER Electromechanical, but encountered the death of the late President Chiang Kai-shek and the domestic economic downturn. Therefore, with insufficient funds, he only dared to hire a technician to assemble the machinery and his sister to take care of the accounting. He held multiple positions and was responsible for research and development, business, production and after-sales service. "At that time, I often worked late into the night to deliver machines to customers and teach them how to operate them." He said frankly that the company also experienced the oil crisis and financial crisis. etc., and even faced financial difficulties due to delays in payment by customers. However, it is precisely because of these trainings that we can now be calm and gain valuable experience in R&D, assembly, maintenance, etc.

Wang Wuu-Shyong said that in 1980, the Magic Cube became popular around the world, and CHMER Electromechanical gained a big niche at that time. "Because most of the world's magic cubes are produced in Taiwan, a large number of electric discharge machines are needed. CHMER Electromechanical has the country's first all-electric crystal electric discharge machine with low electrode consumption, so orders are pouring in, and the company works overtime almost every day. Customers even lined up in the factory waiting for shipment." While its popularity and profits increased significantly, CHMER Electromechanical faced another challenge.