High Speed Milling Machine

  • High productivity: Application driven.
  • High efficiency: Utmost performance integration, solution & automation.

Technical data

X, Y, Z Axis Travel
Max. Work Piece Weight
Machine Weight


Model Unit HM43(G)T
Spindle speed (Max.) RPM 8000-30000
Spindle taper - HSK E32
Spindle motor (S1/S6) KW 3/5
Woking Table Size mm 500x400
T-slot mm 16x4x100
Max. Load of table kg 200
Travel (XxYxZ) mm 400x300x200
Dist. from table surface to spindle nose mm 150-300
Work feed M/min 10
Rapid Traverse (X,Y,Z) M/min 15
X.Y.Z. axis servo motor - AC servo motor
Total power consumption (Max.) KAV 15
Net Weight kg 2680

Laser Calibration

  • Laser measurement of X and Y Axis using high quality super precision linear guide ways and ball screws.
  • Either 28mm or 40mm diameter used. (depending on model) assure precise positioning, accuracy and long endurance life.

Ball Bar Calibration

  • Renishaw ball bar testing used to test and record each machine's X and Y simultaneous movements.
  • This guarantees ideal and accurate table movement and ball screw backlash.

implified & Modulated Circuit Design

  • This makes easy maintenance due to modulated circuit board design, just change the pcb when trouble occurred.
  • Equipped with air cooling system for thermal regulation inside the generator.
  • This provides better efficiency and longer electronic life with in the system.

Unique CHMER Control Developed Exclusively for High Speed Milling Machine

  • Using CHMER's exclusive CNC controller and proprietary software, we can provide the user with the latest software updates continually to optimize the machine functions and take advantage of new machining technologies.
  • Using IPC568 CPU board.
  • CPU spec's 586 400
  • High capacity CF CRAD (1Gbytes)
  • 15" full color TFT LCD screen
  • All software and hardware are with full authorization.

Cut Samples 1

  • Machining of ¢0.3mm tubes with R0.5 end mill.

Cut Samples 2

  • Mould for the bottom of PE bottle.

Cut Samples 3

  • Machining of graphite electrode with ¢6mm end mill and R2 mill cutter.
  • Machining Time: 320min

Cut Samples 4

  • Size: 65x70 (mm)
  • Machining Time: 72 min



  • Work Lamp 1set
  • Tool Kit 1set
  • Coolant Equipment 1set
  • Spindle Air Blast (for ATC) 1set
  • Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) Hand Wheel 1SET
  • Spindle Central Lubrication System (for ATC) 1set
  • Cutting Air Blast 1set
  • Working Alarm Indicator 1set
  • Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement 1set


  • Tool Shank
  • Collect
  • Pneumatic Freezing Dryer (ATC)
  • 4th Axis Rotary Table
  • AVR
  • Ethernet Card
  • X,Y,Z 3-axis Linear Scale
  • Precision Optical Scale
  • ATC

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