Wire Cut EDM

1.High level of flexibility with low running cost.

2.The ideal machines for any EDM work shop.

3.In Submerged condition,maximum height of work-piece recommended is Z stroke minus 45mm.

Technical data

X, Y Axis Travel
U, V, Z Axis Travel
Max. Size of Workpiece
Max. Work Piece Weight
Outside Dimension (WxDxH)
Machine Weight


Model Unit G64S
X, Y Axis Travel mm 600x400
U, V, Z Axis Travel mm 100x100x300
Max. size of work piece mm 910x700x295
Max. work piece weight kg 450
X Y Feed Rate mm/min Max. 800
Axis Drive System - AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Range(Standard) mm φ0.15-0.3 (φ0.25)
Max. Wire Feed Rate mm/sec 300
Wire Tension gf 300-2500
Taper Angle - ±21°/100 (wide-angled nozzle, DA+DB=15mm)
Outside Dimension(WxDxH) mm 2800x2450x2250
Machine Weight kg 3800
Tank Capacity L 760



  • Paper Filter x 2PCS
  • Diamond Guides x 2PCS
  • Upper/Lower Flushing Nozzles x 2PCS
  • Energizing Carbides x 2PCS
  • Diamond Guide Remove Jig
  • Brass Wire (DIA.0.25mmX5kg)
  • Tools
  • AC Power
  • Alignment Jig
  • Flushing Ion Exchange Resins(1PCS x 3L)
  • Submerged Ion Exchange Resins(1PCS x 6L)
  • Auto Data Recovery after Blackout
  • Water Chiller (Flushing) x 2T
  • Water Chiller (Submerged) x 2T


  • Swinging Panel
  • 2-in-1 Transformer + AVR
  • Auto Wire Threading(AWT)
  • 30kgs Wire Feeder
  • Auto Wire Chopper(30kg)
  • DC Invert Chiller x 2T

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