Die Sinker EDM

High efficient power supply facillitates working.

Technical data

X, Y Axis Travel
Max. Size of Workpiece
Max. Work Piece Weight
Outside Dimension (WxDxH)
Machine Weight


Model Unit CM380
Work table size (WxD) mm/inch 650x400/25.6x15.8
Table travel (X, Y) mm/inch 400x300/15.8x11.8
Work tank (WxDxH) mm/inch 1050x600x300/41.3x23.6x11.8
Ram servo travel (Z) mm/inch 350/13.8
RAM platen to work table mm/inch 205~555/8.1~21.9
Max. electrode weight kg/lb 70/154
Max. workpiece weight kg/lb 750/1650
Outside dimensions (WxDxH) mm/inch 1400x1340x2190/55.1x52.7x86.2
Weight of machine unit kg/lb 1400/3080

Power Supplier Unit

Model Unit 50MP 75MP 100MP 125MP
Max. machining current A 50 75 - -
Total power input KVA 4 5 - -
Max. metal removal rate mm3/min 350/0.021 550/0.034 - -
Electrode wear ratio % 0.2 0.2 - -
Best surface roughness μm/Ra 0.45 0.45 - -
Outside dimensions (WxDxH) mm 540x470x1720 540x470x1720 - -
Weight kg/lbs 180/396 220/484 - -


Model Unit D434
Capacity l/gal 390/85.8(UK)/103(US)
Filter method paper filter 2
Pump HP 0.5
Net weight kg/lb 80/176
Outside dimensions (WxDxH) mm/inch 1400x800x430/55.1x31.5x16.9

Machine Unit

• High rigidity machine frame and bed.

• Ribs are provided for exttra strength.

• Employing high-grade cast iron for the bed, column and ribs, to assure best durability, stability and accuracy when in operation.

• Ram mounted in high precision linear roller guide way.

• All sliding surface is thermally ground and heat treated.

• The X,Y axis of worktable is coated with Turcite-B and equipped with ground leadscrew (or ballscrew), enabling smooth travelling and accurate positioning.


  • IC Design
  • Knob & Push Button
  • XY Manual Roller Slide Way
  • Z1 DC Motor
  • Z2 :Small Size-Manual Big Size- AC Motor
  • Option for 3 Axes D.R.O
  • Z Postion : Show on Meter



  • Paper Filter x2PCS
  • Clamping Kit x1SET
  • Tool Box x1SET
  • Flushing nozzle x2SETS
  • Machine stand x1SET
  • Drill Chuck x1SET
  • Electrode holder x1SET
  • Halogen work lamp x1SET


  • System 3R
  • Digital Readouts
  • Orbit cut
  • Fire Extinguisher

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