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Business Times-CHMER donated high-end medical equipment to Zhongrong to jointly prevent the epidemic



Taiwan's leader in discharge equipment, CHMER Electromechanical Group, CHMER Electromechanical, and Shunpeng Technology Co., Ltd. are fighting for the economy and not forgetting to work together to prevent the epidemic and support medical care, providing medical staff with epidemic prevention tools to protect their health. Recently, Taichung Wing General Hospital donated high-end emergency equipment to enable frontline medical staff to use higher-end and more advanced equipment to fight the epidemic, including mobile pocket ultrasound equipment, imaging intubation sets and other nearly 2 million high-end emergency equipment. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools, provide medical personnel with sharp tools for epidemic prevention, and work hard for the health of the whole people.

Vice President CHMER Electromechanical Wang Chenpeng, who was present at the donation ceremony, said that the Taichung Wing Medical Center is a national-level medical center. In addition to responding to COVID-19 patients in Taichung, it also undertakes the task of sending patients from the north hospital to the south, so that Taiwan Avenue is often filled with ambulances. With the sound of the whistle and the news of heat exhaustion among ambulance colleagues, CHMER Electromechanical began to think about how to assist frontline medical staff. Participating in this difficult epidemic situation, in addition to donating anti-epidemic materials and tablets to disadvantaged students through the CHMER Shouyi Education Foundation to assist online learning, this time we also jointly donated to Taichung Rongzhong with the group's subsidiary company - Shunpeng Technology High-end medical equipment is dedicated to protecting the health of medical personnel and the general public.

Wang Wuu-Shyong, chairman of CHMER Electromechanical, pointed out: "It has been established for more than 45 years. Since we are going to do something, we must pursue the best. Just like the wire cutting machine we develop and produce, the processing efficiency must be fast and the quality must be good." CHMER Donation Bag Ultrasound equipment will help the emergency room solve the problem of cross-regional movement after adding portable ultrasound, speed up the correct diagnosis and treatment by doctors, and reduce the pain of patients.

Dean Chen Shi-an of Taichung Rongzhong said: "The portable ultrasound, imaging intubation equipment and PCR reagents received this time make us more efficient and confident in fighting this wave of epidemic." CHMER Electromechanical provides professional mold and The parts processing equipment manufacturer adheres to continuous innovation and research and development, builds good relationships, listens to the needs of medical care, and works hard for joint epidemic prevention.