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Machinery Industry-CHMER Mechanical and Electrical Works Together to Fight the Epidemic and Protect Taiwan


Donate learning equipment to help school children; donate medical equipment to support medical care

CHMER Electromechanical, a model manufacturer of machine tools, continues the passionate spirit of the national mask team, not only fighting for the economy but also investing in epidemic prevention!

CHMER Electromechanical provides epidemic prevention materials and learning equipment to help school children continue to study; it also provides medical personnel with epidemic prevention tools to protect their health.

CHMER Electromechanical, a leader in discharge equipment in Taiwan who was once a member of the national mask team, is not only committed to economic development, but also enthusiastic about preventing the epidemic and protecting Taiwan. In addition to donating epidemic prevention materials and tablets to disadvantaged schoolchildren through the CHMER Shouyi Education Foundation, CHMER helps online In addition to studying, we have recently donated high-end medical equipment to Taichung Wing General Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, to work together to protect the health of medical personnel and the people.

CHMER Electromechanical is a professional mold and parts processing equipment manufacturing and service provider. It is marketed globally with its own brand CHMER and is committed to becoming a world-class leading brand of non-traditional processing technology solutions; in addition to its existing wire cutting machines and electric discharge machines In addition to the four major categories of products: , deep hole machines, and high-speed processing machines, we have launched high-precision, high-CP value laser cutting machines, and have also invested in the development of electrochemical processing equipment. Wang Chenpeng, vice president of CHMER Electromechanical and CEO of CHMER Shouyi Education Foundation, said that when the world is under the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic, companies should not only fight for the economy, but also jointly prevent the epidemic and protect health, and In addition to the general public's life being deeply affected by the epidemic, the learning of disadvantaged school children has also been affected. Under the level 3 epidemic alert, how to continue learning even if classes are suspended, and how to avoid interruption of learning due to insufficient equipment or special family reasons, is worthy of our joint protection.