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Business Times-CHMER Precision Processing Equipment conquers the world



CHMER Electromechanical deploys global business opportunities ahead of schedule with innovative research and development, and continues to work in the field of non-traditional processing, including: wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machines, deep hole processing machines, and even the development of precision laser cutting machines and electrochemical processing machines. It has also developed automation functions suitable for the post-epidemic era, emphasizing product performance with both intelligence and precision, and seizing global business opportunities for precision processing equipment. The first quarter has been fully loaded with orders, and order visibility has reached June.

Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER Electromechanical, said that as countries gradually roll out vaccines and market exchanges pick up, the overall economy will improve. It is expected that the machine tool business will perform very well this year; Qinghong focuses on innovative research and development to enhance the processing value of customers. direction, and in response to the trend of the times, more emphasis is placed on intelligent mechanical performance.