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MA Magazine Issue 127-Advanced Career Deployment.TMBA.Fengjia University.CHMER



In the era of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, the working environment of the industry is different from the past. With the continuous development of science and technology, the face of smart manufacturing has also changed. The Taiwan Machine Tool and Components Association (TMBA) joins hands with Fengjia Director Dai Guozheng of the university's bachelor's degree program in precision system design and 42 teachers and students at the school visited CHMER for career exploration and learning!

iPAS career exploration is to help school students explore their career interests and career directions as early as possible. On the day of the company visit, CHMER General Manager Wang Chenhong and Vice President Wang Chenpeng will lead personal guidance and explanations, providing corporate vision and organizational culture. , working environment, education and training, current status, industrial trends and development, etc., learn about the importance of manufacturability design such as the design, production, and assembly of wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machines, deep hole machines and other equipment from on-site factory visits , stimulate students' learning motivation through rich visit information, enable students to have a better understanding of the job market, make early career planning and reserve core workplace capabilities, learn and communicate from the actual production process status of the company, and allow students to acquire More inspiration on the current and future industrial landscape, bringing learning closer to practical application.

In addition, career exploration and learning also echoes the talent competency specifications of the "Machine Tool Mechanical Design Engineer" competency certification issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, thereby leading students to a clearer learning direction, so that the knowledge learned is in line with the needs of the industry. The skills can be connected with each other, allowing students to find suitable work stages through ability assessment.