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New Mechanical Journal-CHMER innovatively develops high-precision laser cutting machines to carry forward the glory of MIT



With 45 years of manufacturing advantages in precision parts and mold processing equipment, CHMER innovatively developed the "PL6880-High Precision Magnetic Levitation Laser Cutting Machine", which won the highest honor at the 29th Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, demonstrating the high precision and intelligence of Taiwanese equipment manufacturers. Innovation strength.

The global laser application market has huge demand. CHMER's innovative research and development overcomes the problem of current processing equipment relying on imports.

As the demand for new business opportunities and smart manufacturing in the 5G era heats up, "optical manufacturing" has become the core technology of industrial innovation. Lu Ji, a global leader in machine tools, has invested in the development of laser products. In order to compete with leading manufacturers around the world, Taiwanese equipment manufacturers have Need to demonstrate innovative strength. CHMER, the number one brand in Taiwan's electric discharge machining machine industry, felt that most of Taiwan's precision laser equipment currently relies on imports. It has successfully entered the laser field and innovatively developed laser processing equipment to create high-precision magnetic levitation lasers suitable for precision component processing. Jet cutting machines are used in electronics, aerospace and medical industries.

CHMER has a 45-year foundation in developing precision electric discharge machining and wire cutting machines. It has rich experience in manufacturing high-precision molds and parts processing equipment, and has mastered the research and development and self-made capabilities of key technologies for high-precision machining, including: linear motor drives and high-efficiency power supplies. Systems, intelligent controllers, etc., are also equipped with this key technology on professional laser cutting machines, which is of great help to the accuracy requirements and performance required for cutting precision parts.