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Business Times-CHMER industry-university cooperation promotes A+ talents



CHMER, the leader in Taiwan's electric discharge processing machine industry and one of the top five electric discharge processing machine manufacturers in the world, is one of the companies cooperating with the mask team as the COVID-19 epidemic rages around the world. General Manager Wang Chenhong revealed that despite the impact of the epidemic, in 2020 Exports of machine tools have declined slightly, but Taiwan's advantages in precision industry development have not diminished. Taiwan has cooperated with industry-university universities such as the National Central University, Zhongxing University, Fengjia University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Hu University of Science and Technology, and Xiuping University of Science and Technology, and is committed to upgrading talents in the machine tool industry. Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, pointed out that CHMER is well aware that talent is the foundation of competitiveness, and actively participates in industry-university cooperation to cultivate students to know and understand the machine tool industry during their studies, and then be willing to invest in the industry; in addition, in response to the global Industry 4.0 In line with the trend, we are investing more in research on smart machinery, IOT, AI, etc., hoping to attract more outstanding talents in the fields of machinery, electrical machinery, and engineering to work together to upgrade Taiwan's machine tool industry.