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Professor Li Jiatong-Cheer for Taiwan column (225) my country's precision electrical discharge machining industry



Li Jiatong
Wu Zhenglong

This time I want to introduce a manufacturer of electrical discharge processing machines. They have been in business for 45 years and are the largest manufacturer of electrical discharge processing machines in Taiwan and the fifth largest in the world.

What’s great about them is that they produce key components in-house. For example, they develop their own mass-produced linear motors, which are different from the general linear motors on the market. The characteristics of the linear motor module are fast movement speed, acceleration and deceleration, and no contact. Frictional drive method. However, the shortcomings of generally commercially available linear motors are concerns about structural deformation due to magnetic force, and problems such as temperature rise that affects processing accuracy. Since the required characteristics of wire cutting machines are high-stability processing movement and pursuit of high-precision processing performance, they have independently developed and manufactured dual-purpose double-sided cutting machines that are suitable for the characteristics of wire cutting machines and can effectively avoid the impact of magnetic forces on the structure and meet the needs of high-precision processing. Balanced linear motor.

Another great thing about their company is that they have designed an automatic threading mechanism with fast and stable threading speed very early. As the name suggests, wire cutting uses wire discharge to cut metal. Before cutting, the wire must be passed through the small hole and installed on the wire. The other end of the machine needs to be straightened before processing can begin. During the initial cutting process, the thread sometimes breaks. In the past, manual threading was required. Although foreign manufacturers have also invented similar automatic threading mechanisms, This company did its best to consolidate and simplify the organization early on.

Moreover, this company also develops its own controller. Since electric discharge machines are not the most widely used processing machines on the market, there is no suitable controller on the market. They have also established a subsidiary company that specializes in controllers. This subsidiary also provides customized controllers to other domestic electrical discharge machine manufacturers.

This company is also developing electrochemical processing technology and electro-radiation processing technology at the same time. It is a diversified company.