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Good news from Taiwan - CHMER wins three awards in recognition of disability-friendly corporate workplaces



The Taichung City Government commended disability-friendly corporate workplaces at a city council meeting on the 8th. A total of 15 corporate units received awards and were personally commended by Mayor Lu Xiuyan. Among them, CHMER Industrial Company entrusted sheltered workshops to clean and purchase its products, and won three awards for purchasing sheltered workshop products or services at fixed quotas every year for more than 5 consecutive years, diversifying support for sheltered workshop products or services, and being recommended by sheltered workshops as a disability-friendly workplace. Called the most disability-friendly corporate workplace.

The Labor Bureau stated that sheltered workshops are simulated workplaces established for people with disabilities who are willing to find employment but are unable to enter the general workplace due to obstacles. Through sheltered workshop training, they can improve the social adaptation and vocational abilities of people with disabilities and help them find their way into the general workplace. Stable employment; there are currently a total of 7 sheltered factories in Taichung City, with 4 types of business: baking and catering, cleaning services, tourism and leisure, and house repair. From 2017 to November this year, 15 sheltered workers were matched to general workplace employment , 12 of whom are in stable employment.

Among the companies that won the award today, CHMER Industrial Company has entrusted the Mary Mother Cleaning Expert Team to clean the factory area for 10 consecutive years, and adjusted the work content according to the individual status of the team's protected employees. In 104 years, Daren, a protected employee, was rehired as a regular employee, responsible for The company's machine cleaners have been purchasing customized leather products from Maizi Sheltered Factory every month since last year as birthday gifts or VIP gifts for company employees. In addition, the Japanese company Minoya has been in Taiwan for 40 years and has been purchasing Canaan Garden Baking for a long time. Sheltered factory lunch boxes, and officially hired sheltered employee Ashiu in 2017, and has been employed stably to this day. Also commended were Zhiwei International Company, Jiaquan Creative Printing Company, Boyou Social Welfare Foundation, Peishen Enterprise Company, Yushan Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, Wanzhou Shoe Company, Xingde Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, Heyi Creative Company, and Dalu Jing Community, Jiexu Enterprise Co., Ltd., Liantuo Enterprise Co., Ltd., Magura Asia Co., Ltd. and Yingyu Precision Industry Co., Ltd.