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Business Times-High precision and high CP value CHMER maglev laser cutting machine grabs the market



Although affected by the global epidemic, the machine tool boom is still grim. CHMER, the number one brand in Taiwan's electrical discharge machining machine industry, is not afraid of the epidemic and continues to invest in innovative research and development. It is also aware of the problem that most of Taiwan's precision laser equipment currently relies on imports. With 45 years of precision Taking advantage of the manufacturing advantages of parts and mold processing equipment, we innovate and develop advanced and precise fiber laser cutting machines, and develop a new "PL series - high-precision magnetic levitation laser cutting machine". With high-precision and high CP value products, we hope to work together with precision processing companies. Work hard.

Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, said that CHMER has more than 40 years of experience in developing precision electrical discharge machining and wire cutting machines, and has mastered key technology research and development and self-made capabilities in high-precision machining, including linear motor drives, high-efficiency power systems, and intelligent control. Laser cutting machines, etc., have also equipped this key technology on professional laser cutting machines, which is of great help to the accuracy requirements and performance required for cutting precision parts. CHMER firmly believes that in times of recession, it must become a strong backing for precision processing customers.

Wang Chenhong emphasized that the high-precision magnetic levitation laser cutting machine-P series innovatively developed by CHMER is equipped with the most advanced fiber laser and is dedicated to highly reflective special materials and complex processing. Pay attention to the processing needs of precision parts in aerospace, medical, electronics and other industries, and actively meet the needs of aerospace, such as: turbine blade filters, medical (high-precision medical equipment), electronics and 3C (fine SMT steel plates, heat sinks, etc.), metal Industrial, PCD cutting tools and other industries’ precision parts cutting and processing needs.

Among them, the PL6080-high-precision magnetic levitation laser cutting machine is based on the design concept of "innovation, wisdom, efficiency, and environmental protection". It has multiple patents, including a center-of-gravity-driven cantilever structure to improve processing movement flexibility and processing accuracy. It is equipped with CHMER The self-developed patented linear motor drive provides excellent motion accuracy and achieves high-efficiency processing. It is equipped with a patented laser processing head vacuum device, paying attention to processing safety and environmental protection. CHMER attaches great importance to the development of core key technologies and hopes to strengthen the global competitiveness of Taiwanese products through self-made and MIT.