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CHMER Wang Chenhong: Winning workplace endurance competition with dedication, determination and perseverance



Breaking through limitations and subverting traditions can lead to extraordinary achievements! The COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world. Fortunately, thanks to the cooperation of the national mask industry, Taiwan is not only able to "cover" the epidemic, but also "worked" successfully, successfully winning the first battle against the epidemic for the people. The heroes behind the scenes - machine tool manufacturers highlight Taiwan's strong strength. Among them, Wang Chenhong, general manager of "CHMER", one of the companies that cooperates with the mask team, is the leader of electrical discharge processing machines in Taiwan and one of the top five electrical discharge processing machine manufacturers in the world. According to Wang Chenhong, Taiwan's global export of machine tools ranks fourth, second only to In Germany and Japan, its output value ranks seventh in the world. Such outstanding achievements are not easy for a small country with a population of just over 20 million.

Grasp the advantages of talents, do fine and deep, small but beautiful strategy

Wang Chenhong revealed that despite the impact of the epidemic, machine tool exports fell by 30% from January to June this year, but Taiwan's advantages have not been reduced. He pointed out that Taiwan has development advantages in geographical location, supply chain, and excellent information talents. Wang Chenhong is very optimistic about Taiwan’s information (engineering) talents. He cited China as an example. Its vast land and abundant resources allow it to adopt a strategy of maximizing economies of scale or spend a lot of money on development. However, money is not an absolute advantage.

As much as 70% to 80% of Taiwan's precision machine tool industry is concentrated in the central region. Because of the convenient geographical location of the small country, it can form a complete supply chain and save a lot of transportation costs, which is not possible in a country with a vast territory. The CP value of Taiwanese machine tools has a good reputation around the world. We should make good use of the above advantages and develop a strategy of being refined, deep, small and beautiful to break through the current situation.

Improve salaries and benefits and strengthen industry-university cooperation

Supporting the development of the machine tool industry requires not only R&D talents, but also business talents who take the lead in marketing. Wang Chenhong said frankly that machine tool R&D talents are mainly from electronics, electrical machinery and mechanical departments, and even business is given priority to related departments. But it cannot be denied that many students from electrical and mechanical departments choose to enter the technology industry after graduation because they are not familiar with the machine tool industry.

To this end, CHMER has successively carried out industry-university cooperation with the Central Government, Zhongxing University, Fengjia University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, cultivating students from contact, understanding, and understanding during their studies, and being willing to invest in industry. In addition, the government has recently promoted the development prospects of smart machinery, AI, IOT, etc., hoping to attract more outstanding talents.

work-life balance

Different from the overtime work norm in the technology industry, employees in the machine tool industry have relatively stable working hours and can achieve a work-life balance. Wang Chenhong gave a special example. A senior executive who had worked in the electronics industry for more than 10 years switched careers to CHMER, where he could not only develop his talents but also take into account a good quality of life. In addition, there are also graduate students from Tsinghua University who cooperated with industry and academia. After graduating, they were optimistic about the industry's forward-looking future and decided to stay and develop in CHMER.

The most important attitude in talent selection is to proactively strive to be "seen"

When it comes to the primary requirements for talent selection, Wang Chenhong believes that he pays more attention to attitude and ability to continue learning than academic qualifications. Academic qualifications are only reference values. A good attitude and the spirit of continuous learning determine future achievements.

In addition to attitude, if you want to be "seen" in the workplace, you must know how to highlight your talents. Wang Chenhong added that this talent does not necessarily mean that you are professional at work. Sometimes it is an inadvertent incident, or it may be a small act of being enthusiastic about public welfare, taking the initiative to ask questions, and actively assisting. These may deepen your supervisor's impression of you.

Subvert traditional thinking, WORK SMART replaces WORK HARD

Just like the spirit of continuous innovation and change within the CHMER Group, Wang Chenhong put forward two major suggestions for office workers. First, it has the ability to subvert traditional thinking and replace WORKHARD with WORK SMART. The worst thing to do at work is to work hard without having a clue. You should first think about the right method and then invest in others to get twice the result with half the effort.

If you want to win this endurance race in the workplace without taking the lead at the beginning, Wang Chenhong advises job seekers to be "hard-working, dedicated, and perseverant" in any job. Only by persevering in this spirit can you win the final victory in this marathon. .