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Business Times-CHMER and National Central University establish joint R&D center



CHMER and National Central University established a joint R&D center. On March 6, CHMER Chairman Wang Wuxiong and Central University President Zhou Jingyang signed a joint R&D center cooperation contract and an industry-university cooperation memorandum on behalf of both parties, and presided over the unveiling ceremony of the joint R&D center; through The close industry-academia cooperation between the two parties is expected to bring into play the synergy of cooperation between industry and academia, complement each other, jointly cultivate talents, and enhance the development energy of Taiwan's machinery industry.

Chairman Wang Wuxiong of CHMER said that since its 45th anniversary, CHMER has been actively innovating and developing. Its main products include wire cutting machines, electric discharge machines, deep hole machines, and high-speed processing machines. In recent years, it has also actively developed laser cutting machines and electrochemical processing machines, and is committed to Become a world-class leader in non-traditional processing technology solutions.

CHMER's continuous advancement in the field of non-traditional processing and smart machinery is very consistent with the main development of the Central Machinery Department. The Central Machinery Department invests a lot of research energy in the fields of electrical discharge machining, laser processing, smart manufacturing, etc. The development direction and philosophy of both parties are consistent. It also contributed to the establishment of the joint R&D center and jointly moved towards a new milestone in intelligent non-traditional processing technology.

Zhou Jingyang, President of Central University, said that CUHK and CHMER have cooperated closely in the past three years in establishing educational research bases and talent cultivation. The establishment of this joint R&D center is expected to add value to the energy of industry-university cooperation and shorten the gap between students and students. , which is a great boon for talent cultivation.

Wang Wuxiong pointed out that CHMER has a deep relationship with the Central Government. Ever since General Manager Wang Chenhong came to study at the Central Government 22 years ago, the friendship between CHMER and the Central Government has been tied up. He is also grateful to the Central Government for cultivating industrial talents.

In recent years, the central government and CHMER have jointly invested in research on a number of advanced topics, including: integration of laser processing and machine networking technology, research and development of fine mold technology and integrated systems, smart manufacturing implementation, etc., and have also jointly participated in the Smart Machinery Talent Program of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the cultivation plan, the two parties have closely exchanged academic research and practical experience in the industry, and spared no effort to jointly improve the technical level of Taiwan's machinery industry and cultivate talents.