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Business Times-CHMER precision laser cutting machine is amazing



Faced with the impact of the US-China trade war and the volatile market, CHMER, the number one brand in Taiwan's electrical discharge processing machine industry, continues to invest in innovative research and development to break new ground. In addition to its existing wire cutting machines, electrical discharge processing machines, deep hole machines, and high-speed processing machines, In addition to the product line, it has also entered the fields of laser processing machines and electrochemical processing machines. It exhibited newly launched high-precision laser processing machines at the AMTS Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show and actively competed for orders.

Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, said that CHMER has more than 40 years of experience in developing precision electric discharge machining and wire cutting machines, and has mastered key technology research and development and self-made capabilities in high-precision machining, including: linear motor drive, high-efficiency power supply system, Intelligent controllers, etc., are also equipped with this key technology on professional laser processing machines. CHMER is rooted in precision processing equipment and is an expert in non-traditional processing. It has considerable advantages in the development of laser processing machines.

CHMER's newly launched "PL Series - High-Precision Magnetic Levitation Laser Cutting Machine" adopts a center-of-gravity-driven structure, which greatly improves the machine's rigidity. It is equipped with a German brand laser cutting head and a fiber laser source made in Germany or the United States. Compared with traditional lasers, In terms of laser performance, fiber lasers have excellent and reliable performance, can quickly change power, and meet different applications of high and low power at the same time. CHMER's laser processing machines are fully equipped with patented self-made linear motors, which have high response, no vibration, long life, and maintenance-free characteristics, providing excellent processing accuracy. It can provide more choices for high thickness and high efficiency processing.

Wang Chenhong pointed out that CHMER develops with the positioning of "intelligent non-traditional processing Total Solution" and actively meets the precision processing needs of aerospace, automotive, 3C, medical and other industries. It is also aware of the global demand for laser processing and has recently used a large number of Invested in the development of high-precision laser cutting machines, innovatively developed the new "PL series - high-precision magnetic levitation laser cutting machine" and "LC series - high-efficiency fiber laser cutting machine", and entered the CHMER non-traditional processing new era with a comprehensive product line era.