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New Machinery Journal-CHMER and AMS dual brands show off their innovative strength at EMO Exhibition



The 2019 European Machine Tool Exhibition EMO is a grand event in the machine tool industry. Machinery and related industry players from all over the world will gather here for a grand exhibition in Hannover from September 16th to 21st. Although the EMO exhibition was affected by the U.S.-China trade war and the overall number of exhibitors was smaller than in previous years, Taiwan broke a record this year and became the second largest exhibitor for the first time. Among them, CHMER, the number one brand in Taiwan's electrical discharge processing machine industry, even showed its enthusiasm. With the high enthusiasm of the global market, the dual brands of CHMER and AMS provide intelligent and precise mold and parts processing equipment, demonstrating MIT's innovative strength.

General Manager of CHMER Wang Chenhong said: CHMER is committed to becoming a world-class leading brand of non-traditional processing technology solutions, developing with the positioning of "Intelligent Non-traditional Processing Total Solution", and marketing its own brands CHMER and AMS around the world. In addition to deep cultivation In addition to the product lines of wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machines, deep hole machines, and high-speed processing machines, it has also entered the fields of laser processing machines and electrochemical processing machines, opening a new era of non-traditional processing with a comprehensive product line.

The EMO Hannover European Machine Tool Show, the largest manufacturing industry in the world, this year has the theme of "Smart Technology Drives Future Manufacturing", focusing on the importance of digitalization and Industry 4.0 in the metal processing industry, and exhibiting future smart solutions; CHMER echoes The theme of this exhibition is "Focus on Innovation" as the main theme at this EMO exhibition, and 4 hot-selling models are on display, including: integrating precision and intelligence, favored by large-scale mold processing companies in the aerospace and automotive industries "RV743L-intelligent wire-horse-driven wire cutting machine"; "HM6050L gantry-type wire-horse-driven five-axis high-speed processing machine" that is high-precision and capable of completing complex processing; AMS brand, excellent performance and outstanding appearance, deeply involved in the European market AW5L -AMS linear motor wire cutting machine"; "AD5L-AMS high-speed deep hole processing machine" that meets the special material processing and special multi-angle processing required by the aerospace industry.

It is worth mentioning that at this exhibition, CHMER also exhibited the "RV853L Intelligent Line Horse Driven Wire Cutting Machine" and the Silver Award "HM6050L-Gantry Type Line Horse Driven Five-Axis High-Speed ​​Machining Machine" that won the Taiwan Premium Gold Award. series of products. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the RV series wire cutting machine pays more attention to processing efficiency and has successfully obtained many invention patents such as high-efficiency energy-saving water circulation system and automatic liquid level control. The RV series wire cutting machine is committed to improving the processing efficiency and precision performance of large molds, and actively Meet the precision and intelligent processing needs of large-size molds and parts in the automotive, aerospace and home appliance industries. The HM6050L high-speed processing machine adopts a gantry structure, has high rigidity and load-bearing characteristics, and demonstrates the advantages of processing stability. CHMER stands in EMO, the world's largest machine tool exhibition, with its products that won the Taiwan Excellence Award. It is not afraid of changes in the economy, showing the hard-necked spirit of Taiwan's premium products and Taiwan brands, and exerting its comprehensive strength of innovation, precision and wisdom.

CHMER, which is about to enter its 45th anniversary, combines innovation and stability. It enters EMO, the world's largest machine tool exhibition, with high-precision molds and parts processing equipment that have won the Innovation Award; it also adopts the dual brands of CHMER and AMS in marketing. Strategy, based on the market characteristics and needs of each region, launch smart machinery and precision equipment in line with world trends. With its strong R&D innovation energy and Taiwanese brand spirit that values ​​soft power, CHMER hopes to deeply explore the European market and embrace the world with high-quality precision equipment and smart machinery both internally and externally, and continue to win glory for Taiwanese companies in the global professional machine tool market.