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Economic Daily-CHMER optical fiber maglev laser cutting machine catches up with Germany and surpasses Japan



CHMER has the advantage of 44 years of rich R&D and technical experience in online cutting machines. It also leverages its stability and innovative energy as a leading manufacturer in the mold equipment industry to innovatively develop high-precision laser cutting machines. Its quality has caught up with Germany and surpassed Japan, showing a high degree of excellence. Traditional processing and advanced manufacturing technology capabilities.

Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, said that CHMER develops with the positioning of "intelligent non-traditional processing Total Solution" and actively meets the precision processing needs of aerospace, automotive, 3C, medical and other industries. It is also aware of the global demand for laser processing. Recently, it has invested heavily in the development of high-precision laser cutting machines and innovatively developed the new "PL series - high-precision magnetic levitation laser cutting machine" and "LC series - high-efficiency fiber laser cutting machine", entering the CHMER non-stop with a comprehensive product line A new era of traditional processing.

The "PL Series - High-Precision Maglev Laser Cutting Machine" launched by CHMER adopts a center-of-gravity driven structure, which greatly improves the machine's rigidity. It is equipped with a German brand laser cutting head and a German IPG fiber laser source, which can quickly change the power while meeting the requirements Different applications for high power and low power.

This machine has excellent processing effects on highly reflective special materials and complex processing. It can form good cross-sections and a smaller heat-affected zone when processing workpieces. CHMER also launched the LC series with fast processing speed and high cost performance, which can provide more choices for high thickness and high efficiency processing.

Wang Chenhong said that CHMER is rooted in the development of precision electric discharge machining and wire cutting machines for more than 40 years, and has mastered the research and development capabilities of key technologies for high-precision machining, including: linear motor drives, high-efficiency power systems, intelligent controllers, etc., as well as This key technology is all equipped on professional laser processing machines.

CHMER laser cutting machines have been purchased and used by domestic precision parts processing companies. They are very impressed by the precision cutting performance of CHMER's own brand CHMER laser machines. Users are impressed by CHMER's MIT innovative strength and processing capabilities that are comparable to German-made laser machines. The effect has been highly praised. We are currently performing cutting work on precision parts for aerospace, medical, and electronics.

CHMER works side by side with customers to overcome the recession. The market development of CHMER brand precision laser processing machines is promising in the future.