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Metal processing-CHMER Guangdong Technology Experience Center officially launched



On October 12th in Guangdong, the autumn air was crisp and flowers were in full bloom. Zhenhua Industrial Park, located in the center of Humen, Dongguan, an important industrial town, was full of guests and guests, and it was very lively. Taiwan CHMER-Guangdong Technology Experience Center was officially launched with the ribbon-cutting ceremony under the auspices of Chairman Wang Wuxiong and General Manager Mr. Wang Chenhong! More than 100 dealers and agents from all over the country witnessed this unforgettable moment.

The main feature of CHMER Guangdong Technology Center is to strengthen the connection between users and brands, and is committed to becoming a world-class leading brand of non-traditional processing technology solutions and creating better products. CHMER, which is about to enter its 45th anniversary, is also actively meeting the needs of precision and intelligent processing of large-size molds and parts in the automotive, aerospace and home appliance industries, providing industry-leading "processing technology solutions" and providing a variety of experiential learning experiences. Professional product explanations, optimization of processing applications, maintenance service consultation and the organization of various forums and educational trainings, experience innovative machine tool technology × intelligence, fully experience the CHMER business solutions in the new era, and create a win-win situation for enterprises and customers. the value of.

This center covers an area of ​​about 800 square meters. It was established by CHMER Company with an investment of millions. It took the lead in the industry to build the first overseas technology experience center. It has planned five major areas based on the 5C concept of the CHMER logo, including education and training area, technology experience area, and forum. The lecture area, business office area and resting and stress-relieving area hope to provide consumers with a more detailed and diversified new vision; under the new technology, human interaction and care are also used to let the technology generate warmth. In addition to having sales and service engineers on-site to respond to needs in a timely manner, specially prepared coffee drinks are also available for users to experience on-site.

Mr. Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, said: "The establishment of a technology experience center in Guangdong is a new milestone for us. This time we will work with customers to go international with smart, topical and practical cross-border applications. In the future We will also successively set up technical experience centers in Europe and India to help customers achieve better quality and higher efficiency, and increase the competitiveness of enterprises."

CHMER has been continuously cultivating "intelligent non-traditional processing". This time it has created a space to establish close relationships with customers, hoping to find a new positioning to connect with users in the Internet era. Through the processing technology solutions advocated by this center, we work with users to find more novel and time-saving production methods, promote reforms that are difficult for other companies to imitate, and pass on the brand spirit of "achievement-excellence goals" to every user. Provide customers with experiences and expectations that exceed their expectations.