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Economic Daily-CHMER Industry-Government-Academic Cooperation to Cultivate Intelligent Talents



CHMER is not afraid of the economic downturn, insists on innovative research and development, and roots talents. It joins hands with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Central University and Fengjia University to participate in the "108 Smart Machinery Talent Cultivation Program" of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Industry, government, and academia jointly create outstanding talents for non-traditional processing smart machinery. The U.S.-China trade war is raging, the international situation is treacherous and ever-changing, and the global machine tool industry is facing the test of the cold winter economy. CHMER, the number one brand in the domestic electrical discharge machining machine industry, is not afraid of the cold economy, continues to invest in innovative research and development and talent cultivation, and actively expands new products Development layout and industry-university cooperation talents take root.

Wang Chenhong, general manager of CHMER, said: "In a recession, we must pursue overall quality improvement. The technical strength and talent cultivation of the industrial base cannot be achieved overnight. Only by making adequate preparations can we continue to improve when the economy recovers." Leap up."

CHMER, which is about to enter its 45th anniversary, has developed with the positioning of "Intelligent Non-traditional Processing Total Solution". In addition to the well-known four major product categories of wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machines, deep hole machines, and high-speed processing machines, CHMER is also actively investing in The research and development and innovation of high-precision new products such as laser processing machines and electrochemical processing machines actively meet the needs of precision molds and parts processing equipment in the aerospace, automotive, medical, 3C, and energy industries.

Wang Chenhong said that under the development trend of Industry 4.0 and smart machinery, there is an urgent need for a new generation of cross-field professional talents. Through cooperation between industry, government and academia, in addition to strengthening the connection between academic research and corporate practice, industry-university exchanges can also inject corporate innovation. energy. CHMER also increases students’ connections with industries and companies through company visits, machine operation experience camps, special research, career exploration, etc., and increases students’ workplace experience opportunities, so that students can apply what they have learned and contribute to the industry. Talents needed for development take root.

Facing the global Industry 4.0 wave and the turbulent changes in the international economy, CHMER, which is marketed globally with its own brand CHMER and is a leader in precision processing equipment, regards the cold winter of the economy as the best opportunity to enhance physical fitness, using innovation and talents as its two major weapons. Build competitiveness, actively innovate and develop new products, and work together with industry, government and academia to create a new generation of A+ talents needed for the development of smart machinery.